Staying Motivated During These Uncertain Times

I don’t know about you guys, but we are now a couple months into the latest “major historical event,” and I am only just starting to get used to it. While a number of states are beginning to open back up, many of us are still working and taking classes online, a transition that has been difficult in more ways than one. In addition to having to navigate our day-to-day activities in a completely new online environment, we have also had to find ways to keep ourselves motivated and focused in this new setting.

At the start of social distancing measures my routine looked a lot like rolling out of bed and sitting on Zoom in my pajamas all day, but while I was living the dream at first (Sweatpants all day? Yes please!) I soon found myself to be unmotivated and unfocused on my work. I was frustrated and in a rut, and realized that in order to break out of this rut I needed to resume pre-pandemic routines and give my life some structure. I started cooking dinner every night instead of ordering out, doing yoga each day instead of vegetating on the couch, and putting on an outfit each morning that makes me feel motivated and confident.

By making these simple changes I have become much more motivated and productive even in this new working environment. I have found that feeling confident in your appearance can do so much for your attitude, and at ExecSocks we hope that our socks help you feel good about yourself and play a hand in keeping you motivated through this tough time. Confidence is key, so step up your confidence and your sock game with ExecSocks.

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