Happy Memorial Day !

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! While our barbecues and beach days may look a bit different this year, we can still take the time to celebrate this day while maintaining social distance. No matter what your Memorial Day celebrations may look like, the coronavirus does not inhibit us from taking the time to contemplate the true meaning of this day.

While we may not be able to have a big cookout or go to the beach with all our friends, we can still show our appreciation of and respect for the military personnel who have lost their lives in the armed forces. Just as important on this day is to show our friends, family and the ones we know who are currently devoting their lives to serving in the military, that we are grateful for their service.

Here at ExecSocks we are grateful for the sacrifice of the people who are serving, as well as those who have lost their lives, and we hope to help you show the people in your life that you appreciate them in the best way we know how, with socks! Our socks are a great token to show your loved ones that you care, and such an important day of honor and appreciation is no exception.

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