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Psychology says dressing well is essential — and it starts from the socks up.

Imagine this. You have a big job interview coming up in the next few days, and you want a haircut to help you look the part. While debating two barbershops on the same street, two bald men approach you.

One man says the shop on the corner provides a better cut while the other advises you to head to the other one down the street. You quickly take the advice of the one who recommended the corner shop.

You are confidently walking to get your haircut, but you don’t know why you took the advice of the former — especially when both were bald. You think back and realize the first man you talked to was wearing a tailored suit with a uniquely and elegantly patterned pair of socks that matched perfectly with his brown leather shoes. The other had a meatball stained white t-shirt and mismatching socks.

Human nature tells us that we become a figure of greater respect when we are well dressed, and more people will listen to you as a result.

Start being your best and most respected self. Start from the ground up with a subscription from Exec Socks.

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    This makes a lot of sense, socks rock!

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